Collaborating to create an atmosphere of faith-based prayer in the  community. 

The mission charitable purpose  to obtain educational materials,

food, and personal hygiene items to those in need of assistance.

We will use donated funds to assist us with products and educational materials

Our Mission Statement

  • Strategies to Make Your Life  in Prayer Work for  You and Your Family

  • Child Quality Time

  • First-Time Dads: 

  • How to Bond with  Daughters

  • Girls Night Out (or In)!



Love and Marriage is a pathway to greater expression of love.  The most memorable moment in one life is to be loved by God and your family.

The first step to identify health and wellness begin the day with a renewed mind and spirit.  A morning workout of  cardio renews and refresh your  daily life for a more vigorous day ahead.




Prayathon,Inc. - Atlanta, Ga

Parenting young children take practice  everyday  practice with prayer.  Praying spouses assures greater success with communicating with children.


Health and Wellness

Love and Marriage

Family Planning

  1. Share Parenting Stories and Tips
  2. Simple Steps to Healthy Family
  3. Families: Family Fitness
  4. What is your prayer?

Prayathon, Inc.

improving family life 

with Prayer Counseling 

knowledge and understanding